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Your Carbon Footprint

Our ongoing commitment...

Jubilee have implemented a number of innovative and award-winning environmental schemes over the last few years, and this continues to be a key focus for our business. All departments work closely to promote recycling and the use of our eco friendly products, while our logistics department work tirelessly to reduce our delivery fleet`s mileage and carbon emissions.

Through our innovative recycling initiatives and complex delivery systems we managed to reduce our carbon emissions by a total of 2,436 tonnes in 2012.

This is equivalent to the amount of CO2 it would require to power 487 family homes for a whole year, or to drive a family saloon around the world 852 times!

Jubilee cannot claim to have reduced this amount of CO2 on our own, we have to thank our customers for embracing our innovative recycling policies.

We are always seeking new ways to reduce our impact on the environment, and that is why we constantly review our delivery routes, delivery vehicles, the products we purchase and our recycling initiatives. This ongoing improvement has been rewarded with an ISO 14001 certification for our logistics provider.

We strive to make a difference everyday.

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