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Product Recycling Services

Jubilee provide a variety of recycling services so that together with our customers we can help do our bit for the environment. As well as paper and ink toner recycling, we also offer exclusive recycling programmes for office furniture, electronic products and batteries. Paper recycling

We collect waste paper from our customers who have signed up to our `Close The Loop` initiative and turn it into recycled paper products. Jubilee will even collect your waste paper whenever we make an order delivery, further minimising carbon emissions while saving you time.

Toner recycling

Jubilee provide a similar service for office ink toner recycling. Whenever you buy new ink toners or other office supplies, we will collect any used toners directly to recycle them on your behalf.

Furniture recycling

Jubilee provide a sustainable option for all your used office furniture. Through our furniture recycling service FurnituREcycling, in partnership with our principal furniture manufacturer, we will manage the disposal and recycling of all your used furniture when you purchase new furniture from us.

Battery recycling

Jubilee provides a convenient battery recycling service; rather than throwing your used batteries in with the other waste that is taken to a landfill site, we can collect your batteries at the same time as delivering to you. Our battery provider will then collect your used batteries for recycling from our warehouses. Over the course of a year this can greatly improve the amount of non-biodegradable refuse sent to our landfill sites.

W.E.E.E. destruction

Under the 2007 Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations, you now have to dispose of your electrical equipment correctly - it cannot be disposed of with your regular office waste. We can collect and dispose of your equipment, ensuring all equipment is either disposed of or recycled fully and responsibly.

Become Involved:

If you are interested in becoming involved with any of our environmental initiatives then please contact your account manager.

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